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Advocating for Someone with a Mental Illness
by Sonya Nesch


“Your booklet on advocacy is well done and will be useful for families.”

~ E. Fuller Torrey, MD, author of Surviving Manic Depression, and Surviving Schizophrenia

“This book is a blessing for those experiencing the heartbreak and confusion of mental illness in their families or themselves. It offers clear guidance through the tangle of services available for those who suffer from brain chemistry disorders. Through personal stories and practical advice, you’ll find a reason to hope.”

~ Cynthia Wall, LCSW, author of The Courage to Trust

“... a clear, concise, ... booklet that captures all the vital information needed to advocate for your mentally ill loved one.... There are suggestions and guidelines found here that are not found anywhere else.”

~ NAMI Contra Costa County Newsletter

“... a kind of warmth radiates from her book. Not only is there a lot of information, but it is presented in a simple, orderly fashion that enables one to read it quickly, noting down anything of particular interest for one’s own situation. In using this book your sense of focus may improve. No time is wasted on complaints, it is all practical advice.”

~ NAMI Sonoma County Newsletter

"Well written, well researched, based on 25 years of personal experience with her daughter. Nesch's book could be a lifesaver for other people desperate to help someone they love. It goes beyond the classic You-Are-Not-Alone comfort message, and lays out concrete strategies for dealing with crucial situations. I cannot think of a subject she has not covered."

~ NAMI Nevada County Newsletter

“...an invaluable tool for family members, friends and consumers who advocate for themselves to help reduce the suffering, confusion and stigma brought on by mental illness. ”

~ NAMI Mendocino County Newsletter

“It is an excellent practical guide written by someone who has ‘walked the walk’. ”

~ NAMI San Fernando Valley Newsletter

“Full of information about dealing with doctors, meds, judges, jails, etc. with sample letters. ”

~ BPSO, Bipolar Significant Others

“The book stresses practical information she gained from facilitating NAMI support groups and co-teaching Family to Family Education classes. ”

~ NAMI California Connection

advocating for someone with a mental illness

advocating for someone with a mental illness
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